Welcome to our new website the only place on the internet where you can purchase a digital copy of your little ones letters and numbers. This is an excellent way of creating a permanent record of their Learning Journey from EYFS at Nursery and Primary School where they start to form their own numbers and letters up to Senior School the age of 11, we even have NCMA Childminders using the templates for letter practice for the children in their care. Other Great uses of your own font include speeding up Christmas thank you letters to family and friends using existing electronic documents and writing your own stories and poems for loved ones and friends on your PC in your own handwriting. 
To download and print the font template click the box.net icon on the top left, then simply get your child write down each letter and number in the respective box, don't forget to include the child's name and age; after you have completed it simply scan it in then send it by uploading the scan to our shared webfolder
you will then receive confirmation of your upload and Visa Payment via PayPal by return e-mail, as soon as your payment has been processed within 5 working days you will receive the completed font in both TTF (Windows Mac) and the superseded format OFT (Windows Adobe) formats on the same e-mail address that you used to submit the font template.
For an example of what you can expect please view or even download selection of our demo fonts in OTF format on http://www.dafont.com/kiddiefontdemos each Kiddiefont purchased will be embedded with your child's name and age and this websites URL and Logo to prove that it's a genuine KiddieFont© it will be delivered via e-mail in a self executable password protected file for installation onto your PC, you may install your Kiddiefont onto as many computers in your household as you like using this same file and password, feel free to also send this to family and friends.

Parents & Carers please do not upload completed templates for children over threshold age of 11 as refusal may often offend.